The Cutting Edge Complete Landscaping Inc. has several certifications that help them do the best work they can.

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ICPI® Certified Installer

ICPI Paver Installer Certification increases consumer confidence by educating installers on proper paver installation practices, thus promoting higher quality installations. Using an ICPI Certified Installer assures consumers that they are making a wise investment in a low-maintenance, long-lasting interlocking concrete pavement.

ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) is a trade association whose mission is to increase the use of segmental concrete pavement systems in North America. Applications for concrete pavers include driveways, patios, walkways and streets. ICPI members include producers, contractors, design professionals and consultants. ICPI promotes the highest product standards through ICPI product certification and installation guidelines through installer certification. For more information visit http://www.icpi.org/whoisICPI

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Techniseal® Certified Applicator

The Cutting Edge Complete Landscaping, Inc. maintains Certified Applicator status with Techniseal® products such as Polymeric Sand, Adhesives and Cleaners/Sealers. Many of these products are manufactured for and carry the UNILOCK® Brand name. For more information visit http://www.techniseal.com/


UNILOCK® Authorized Contractor

The Cutting Edge Complete Landscaping, Inc. has been an Authorized UNILOCK® Contractor for over 15 years. Our work is guaranteed and backed by UNILOCK®. Selecting the right Paver Contractor doesn't necessarily mean the cheapest. Consider qualifications, past work, references, knowledge and experience. For more information visit http://www.unilock.com/default/installation/professional-installation/

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